Secular Priest of the Diocese of Ventimiglia

Parish priest of Bussana

1953 (December 10th) Bishop of Ventimiglia, Bishop Agostino Rousset, on Instance of Mons, Francesco Moro, Parish of Bussana, emanates the Opening Order of Diocesan Process for Beatification and Canonization of Don Francesco Lombardi, Priest of Diocese of Ventimiglia, Parish of Bussana The Ecclesiastical Court is formed in the process.

1954 (January 1st) The Bishop's Edict is issued for the collection of the Writings of the Servant of God based on Canon 1043 on Causes of Beatification of the Servants of God and to recall the requirements of the canons 2023 and 2024.

1954 ss, It is transcribed and sorted in copies Typed in the writings of Don Lombardi. Those copies were included in Four categories: - the preaching of the Servant of God: 29 volumes for Total 5275 pages - Autograph lettering in seven volumes and personal letters delivered by various correspondents: all Transcribed in 15 volumes for a total of 1893 pages. Photocopies from "The Eco of the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Bussana "(publication started by Servant of God in 1901) reproducing his writings on "The Church of Sacred Heart of Bussana "and" Chronicle Of the Sanctuary. "There are 5 volumes of a total of 840 pages. - A volume of various writings of pagg. 140 and the "Testaments" Of the Servant of God pag. 38

From December 18th, 1953 to July 30th, 1971 Development of the Ordinary Process in 68 sections with the query of 16 texts they had Known to the Servant of God

1971 (July 30th) Closing of the Ordinary Diocesan Process with Final sitting, chaired by Diocesan Bishop Mons, Angelo Verardo, in the room of the Bussana canonical that was served by Study at the Servant of God. Authentication was carried out by Msgr. Bishop of the Acts of the Process in the Original (intended for the Archives Diocesan) and in the transitive, or conforming copy (destined for the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints). It was then completed at the close of the "Processiculus Diligentiarum ", ie the authentication of the writings to be sent to Rome (But still did not transcribe the seven volumes of the Epistemic Of the servant of God, who would later dedicate a session supplementary,

1971 (August 9th) Bishop Francesco Moro, on behalf of the Bishop Diocesan goes to Rome to deliver the Transition of the Process Information and scriptures of the Servant of God to the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Bishop Traiano Crisan, (Cfr Ibidem)

1971 (August 26th) Appointment to Postulator of the Cause in Rome of Mgr. Renato Ausiello Lanteri, Priest of the Diocese of Ventimiglia, Officer Of the Vatican Secretariat.

1972 (January 11th) On the part of the Sacred Congregation for Causes Of the Saints emanates the opening decree of the Apostolic Process

1972 (February 13th) On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the death of the Servant of God, members of the Diocesan Tribunal and the Postulator Participate with the Bishop Diocesan Archbishop Angelo Raimondo Verardo To a solemn celebration during which it is provided To the authentication of the remaining writings.

1972 (May 30th) Reconnaissance of the Salma of the Servant of God in Respect the Decree issued by the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of the Saints on January 11, 1972.

1976 (January 23rd) "Decretum super revisione scriptorum" ….."Sacra Coingregatio pro Causis Sanctorum, re mature perpensa resrondit; nihil obstare quominus ad ulteriora porocedatur… " (Review the writings, nothing acquiesces to the proceedings of the case)

1981 (March 1st "Votum Promotoris Generalis Fidei" (Fr. Caietanus Scano O.F,M): “The solid and legitimate foundation of the fame of holiness "...

1981 Delivery of "Positio super Causae introductione" inclusive Of - "Summarium" of the Ordinary Diocesan process - "Litterae Postulatoriae" (54 selected letters including those of the Card. Giuseppe Siri, of the Liturgy Bishops by seat or by origin, of Priests and parishioners who knew the Servant of God and of God Other religious or lay faithful of authentic testimonies of the virtues of the Servant of God. - Positio super scriptis - Votum Promotoris Generalis Fidei

1982 (July 12th) "Decretum super dubium an eius Causa Introcucenda sit" a firma del Card. Pietro Palazzini, Prefetto della Congregazione:"Facta demum de hisce omnibus, die 12 mense Iulio anno 1982 Summo Pontifici Ioanni Paulo II per subscriptum Cardinalem [Traianus Crisan, Archiep, tit. Drivastensis, a secretis] relatione, Sanctitas Sua responsum Sacrae Congregatinis pro Causis Sanctorum ratum habuit et confirmavit, Causam, scilicet, Servi Dei Francisci Lombardi, sacedotis secularis, loci Bussanae parochi, esse, introducendam [After the report submitted to the High Pontiff John Paul II. July 12, 1982, - by the Cardinal Mons, Trajan Crisan - His Holiness gave to the Holy Congregation for The Causes of Saints the following response: the Cause of the Servant of God Francesco Lombardi, a secular priest, Bussana's parish priest is from intrude]

1983 (August 1st) Death of Postulator Mons Renato Ausiello Lanteri. Great blessings for the good development of the Cause.

1984 (August 19th) On Reporting of Diocesan Bishop Mons, Angelo Raimondo Verardo, also appointed a Postulator for the Cause of Don Lombardi of Father Innocenzo Venchi O.P. Postulator General for the Causes of the Saints of the Dominican Order.

1983 (January 5th) Promulgation of "Novae leges pro Causis Sanctorum ", which privileged the historical - critical method and followed by the Decree that even for the causes already provided by the Promoter's rating Faith imposed the critical review of the various documentary phases with Possible integrations. This entails many difficulties in resetting Of the procedures to be implemented. Father Venchi is also very busy For the Causes of the Order and this makes it difficult to coordinate for the To be performed locally. As a result he asks himself to Be replaced.

1998 (June 23rd) Appointed to Postulator of Father Oliviero Girardi, of Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonian) Postulator General for Causes Of the Congregation. He is busy soon to recover The time lost. Strong of his experience he realizes Situation, acquires knowledge of the already done and prepares a plan Adequate on how to get started immediately to lay the foundations of the "Positio de vita" Et virtutibus "of the Servant of God

1998 (October 23rd) At the request of the Postulator the Ordinary Congress Of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints entrusts to Father Daniel Ols, O. P. the role of Relator for the Cause of the Servant of God Don Francesco Lombardi.

1999 (July 2nd) In accordance with the New Rules of the Congregation of the Causes of Saints, Diocesan Bishop Msgr. Giacomo Barabino establishes a Historical Commission - Archivist for New accurate historical documentary documentation

1999 - 2002 The Historical and Archival Commission works in Coinciding with the requests of the Postulator, which were intended to be drafted Of the "Documented Bibliography", indicates where appropriate the Guidelines on Research fields. The collaboration is nevertheless profitable.

2001 (October 21st) The Postulator attends the celebrations for the Centenary of the dedication of our sanctuary and puts it in it Day the closing date of the "Posistio super vita et virtutibus Servi Francisci Lombardi "(Including Information and Biography Documented in XIV substantial chapters)

2002 (August 9th) The Diocesan Bishop to examine the results of the Documentary research of the Historical Archives Commission, establishes an Ecclesiastical Tribunal.

2002 (August 21st) Father Girardi's Postulator dies. On her figure Priestly and on the great benevolences for the cause development Publishes on "The Eco of the Sacred Heart" October 2002 pp, 3-7 a dense Article about his exemplary religious figure and the extensive work done For the Cause.

2003 (January 11th) Session of the above - mentioned Court of First Instance for examination of Documentary search results with numerous deliveries Duplicate documents (for the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of the Saints and the Diocesan Archives)

2003 (February 20th) Appointment of the new Postulator in the person of Father Evaristo Martinez De Alegria, successor to Father Girardi in Postulate the Priests of the Sacred Heart.

2010 (June 15th-18th) Postulator and Vice-Postulator collaborate in Bussana for a first set of corrections and some clarifications asked By Father Ols in the order of "Positio

2012 (September 24th) Appointment of the new Post Father José Carlos Briñon, as a result of alternation in the General Postulation of Priests of the Sacred Heart.

2014 Father Ols retires while leaving the "Positio" to his Successor: Bishop Paul Pallath, recently appointed by the Pope Francis Relator for the Cause of Saints.

February 13th, 2015 The Postulator Father Briñon presides at Commemoration of the death of Don Francesco Lombardi and concelebrates With the diocesan bishop Mons, Antonio Suetta (who remembers the Servant of God In a wonderful homily published on our site) with the priests of the Shrine and the Rector of Diocesan Seminary Don Ferruccio Bortolotto intervened for the occasion with the Seminarians. On Sunday The Postulator later speaks to the faithful about the evolution of the Cause Recommending interest and prayer.